Currently, the issue of sustainable development is at the heart of every concerns, especially in hotel environment. Natural environment, when it is not too polluted, purify itself through the natural action of the flora which lives there.
Inspiring by this principle, Jeff van Dyck imagined to import, at the heart of the hotel complex, an ecosystem which regenerate waters.  Masterpiece of the room, a wet room is uses as a natural bathing, which the water is purified by oxygenating aquatic plants. The all create an unique space from which the other uses turn on. The traveler is like weightless, detached from the floor and the walls of his room. The architectural composition, all in curves, the natural materials, the choice of very soft tints, as well as the light aquatic background music, contribute to give a feeling of peace and refuge to the traveler. It is an experience of communion with nature, at the heart of a closed space, it generate a manifest: nature must reasserts itself.
Equip’Hotel 2016